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Axial Flow Duct Fan【HCSF】

Axial Flow Duct Fan


110V/60HZ or 230V/50HZ

4" - 100mm / 6'"- 150mm / 8"- 200mm / 10"-250mm / 12"-305mm



Made of steel housing,high impact polycarbonate blade.                                                                                                    

It is able to move air through carbon filters, long stretches of ducting or grow light reflectors.Exchange stale air with fresh air to keep temperature or humidity under control and cool your reflector with this mini blower.                            

It is easy to install and transport.


1)  UL listed,                                                     

2)  Hold FCC,EMC,CE certificate                                 

3)  Steel housing,high impact polycarbonate blade
4)  Come with US standard plug Grounded Power Cord.
5)  Thermally protected 120V/60HZ & 230V/50Hz AC motor.
6)  Dual crimped flanges on both sides to hook-up with duct easily.     
7)  Powerful and efficient performance,Lightweight and practical.    
8)  Perfect for ventilation of Grow Room or air cooling of grow light reflector.


Note: Do Not Expose to Temperature over 140F.




Model No.   Housing Length    Blade Type     Valtage Power Max.  Air Flow
HCSFØ100 153MM Polycarbonate

120VAC / 60HZ

230VAC / 50HZ

12W 80~100CFM
HCSFØ150 154MM Polycarbonate 53W 200~260CFM




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