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InsulatIon Flexible Duct【FDIA-YG1-16】

Insulation Aluminum Flexible Duct

Two Types

Single Inner Duct :  one layer of alum foil +one layer of pet 
[Model: FDIA-YG1-16]

Double Inner Duct :  two layers of alum foil +one layer of pet 
[Model: FDIA-YG2-16]

Good insulation---heat insulated.
(Absorb noise---can absorb the noise from the shaking when ventilated.)
No corrosive---not corrode the alu. pipe and metal parts.
Durability---not decay, mildew, durability.
Practicality: suitable for the densely-populated area (such as school, supermarket, office, stadium, theater, factory...) high requietment of the enviroment area, such as hospital, laboratory, howff, bus, train, broadcasting studio.

Diameter Range 75-750mm (3"-30")
Temperature Range -30 ~ +250ºC
Velocity Of Air Flow (MAX.) 30 m/s
Working Pressure 2500 Pa
Bending Radius 0.54*D+25MM
Thickness Of Fiberglass Insulation 25MM
Density Of Fiberglass Insulation 16KG/M3, 24KG/M3, 32KG/M3
Standard Length 10M, 7.5M, 5M, Available on request

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