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Add:No.657, Hongda West Road, Xiaoshan. Hangzhou
Hangzhou Zeyuan High-tech Co.,Ltd is the high and new technique enterprise which holds more than 30 intellectual property rights. It deals in scientific research, production and international business and specializes in developing the product which economize on energy and protect environment as well as design and produce several kinds of ventilation products. Hui Chuang ventilation project as the industry standard of national fresh air making system has won a tender to build four gym in 2008 Beijing Olympic Game.

Our enterprise has the advanced product line from Switzerland SPIRO company that can produce complete set of Screw air pipe and its fittings including JPX automatic roll- form machinery, R1530 Plasma Cut Devices, CU 30…….all above advantages maintain the advanced nature of our products.

We built the perfected product system according to ISO9002 International product system which is provided with high level structure design, high making staff in charge for development and advanced facilities so that our company not only have deep skill and rich resource, but also leverage ourselves growing smoothly.